2010년 5월 28일 금요일


Today is... May 28th!?
Wow time flies SOOO fast...
Everyday, I marvel at all those events just flown by in what seems like a couple of days.

I know I've said this a million times, but I just feel this everyday,
especially when we have 2 weeks of school left.

Wow, 2 weeks, and I'm a sophomore; I do this three more times and I'll be graduating......

It's kind of weird.
Even two years ago, I felt that time went by really slowly.
I would always ask my mom, "Why is time so slow?" and
wonder when I would become
an adult.

Now it's totally different.
Time flies by so fast, that I always feel reluctant to write the correct year when a new year comes.
I mean, I haven't even gotten used to the old one, and now I'm forced to write a new year?
Like 2010 for example. I thought that writing 2009 on the top of my papers was awkward, but writing 2010 is even more awkward!

I wonder why this is so.
Could it be that once you reach a certain period in life, your internal clock
suddenly speeds up?
Will my internal clock ever slow down or will it keep speeding up?
I have no idea, but I wish I did.

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Cheer Tryouts!

This past week was very very exhausting.....
Cheer tryouts all week!
The real tryout is actually tomorrow!
Kind of nervous......
Not again...
I mean we've had them just a couple months ago in September!

Well actually, cheer tryouts are not that bad...
It's kind of fun actually.
We get to interact with fellow cheerleaders, hone our skills, eat food after practices...

We had clinics Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (Friday), and we'll get tested on our skills tomorrow...
I hope I do well!
No, I know I'll do well!
Yes, I know I will!
Sorry. There's my usual "Be Positive!" thing again. LOL

So right now...
Diana, a fellow cheerleader is at my house right now! :D
We both agreed that preparing for tryouts by ourselves was... well.. a bit lonely.
So we thought that it would be better if we could practice together and support each other.
She also lives really close by.

But what actually ended up happening was...
-Winkie barking at Diana for literally 20 minutes
-5 run-throughs of the dance
-3 run-throughs of the cheer
-Show each other individual cheer
-I-chat random people
-I-chat cheer people
-Eat oranges and kiwis
-And of course, updating our blogs! :D

So here we are, sitting at my kitchen counter, with Winkie at our feet, writing our blog posts.
Uh oh. Winkie is chewing on my mac-book charger..... I'll stop him as soon as I finish this blog post!

Well, after tryouts we have a BBQ party at Mr. Hopkin's place! Yayyy!
We'll have texas-grilled barbecue, potato salad, and lots of good food!
So right now, though Diana and I am relatively hungry, we're trying to cut back on
food so that we can pig out tomorrow at the BBQ. LOL

I better stop Winkie before he chews my charger in half!
Wish us luck for tomorrow! :D

Check out Diana's blog for more details!

2010년 5월 12일 수요일

If I could just look into the minds of people...

The past few weeks, I've been learning about the World Wars in my world history class.
World War I, Austria-Hungary, Germany, the Russian Revolution, the German Revolution, you name it, and I'll tell you all about it!
To be honest, before this unit, I really didn't know much about the World Wars.
I mean, sure I knew that there were two World Wars and that Germany was fighting against most other countries, but I didn't know that it was actually Austria-Hungary and Serbia, which caused the first war.
I always had the perception that it was a bigger country that started the war...
Through numerous projects such as podcasts and simulations, I was able to get a better grasp on what actually happened in the early 20th century.

When I was learning all this history, I came across a couple interesting figures: Stalin, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler.
They all took actions that I consider to be very rash, radical, and also cruel in a way.
Stalin deprived his people of all their rights, Kaiser Wilhelm plunged Germany into a
devastating war, Hitle
r led a mass killing of Jews.
Sure, I've learned abo
ut their basic motives. Stalin wanted power for himself, Kaiser Wilhelm thought that Germany could benefit from the war, and Hitler needed a scapegoat.
But, it still doesn't satisfy my curiosity about exactly why these people did the things they did.
What have been going on in their minds?
What did they think when things went bad?
Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much?
If I could just look into their minds...

Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered and will remain that way. could
That is, I think, what makes history so interesting but mysterious at the same time.

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2010년 5월 6일 목요일

Yum Yum Yale!

As I've already mentioned in my previous post about bagels, I love food and eating.

(Though I've gained A LOT of weight due to my love for food… LOL)

Therefore, I like to surf the web for hours to search forr food blogs.

I look for pictures of food, restaurant critiques, ways to prepare food…

This is the very culprit of my endless hours of procrastination…

I mean even just now, I've been searching for pictures of Smokey Saloon burgers.

Anyways, to the point.

As I was searching for food-related posts, I stumbled upon a BRILLIANT site: Yum Yum Yale.


As you can probably tell from the name of the website, this AWESOME site is run by a current student from Yale.

This student, tired of his average college food, thinks of new innovative but quirky ways to consume his food…

He often uses a panini fryer for his "inventions", which range from a yogurt + granola + blueberry mixture called Blueberry Bonanza to a simple baked banana.

His also throws in a couple jokes/comedic scenes through out the video, which makes it even more interesting!

These are my two favorite creations! :)

The Crunch Wrap Odyssey

Ice Cream Crunch

Haha, when I get to college, I will DEFINITELY try these recipes! :D

2010년 4월 27일 화요일

Let's celebrate!

If you've been following my posts, you would have read my earlier post on my depressing number of visitors.

Well, the number of visitors to my blog is still not very impressive, it has improved!

I've been checking my cluster map nearly every time I visit my own blog, you see.


I just realized that the red dot on Korea got upgraded!
It used to be a really small dot, whic
h meant that 10-99 people came to your
blog, but
it's a much bigger dot, which means that 100-999 people has visited your blog!


Haha, I know that 110 visits from Korea is not much to be proud of, especially because 50 of them are probably me. LOL Also, many of my classmates have far more visits than me. However, I really feel like I've accomplished something. I kind of feel proud! There are actually people out there in the world who read and take interest in what I do, feel, eat, think........

The next dot in the cluster map is much bigger and therefore better! But...... It requires 1000+ visitors, and honestly, I don't think that will be possible for my blog as the cluster map renews itself at times. (Well, if I visit my own blog about 30 times a day, it may be possible... LOL)
Yeah, so although that bigger red dot seems very desirable, I won't get my hopes up.
I'm pretty satisfied with what I have right now. That medium size dot I have is pretty nice as well. :)

Bagels & Cream Cheese

I really love eating.
I'm picky sometimes, but I really do enjoy eating the food I love.

Recently, I've become addicted to bagels. Bagels with cream cheese to be more specific.
You see, about two weeks ago, I spotted a blueberry bagel in the freezer.
It seemed pretty old, but I had a sudden urge to eat that bagel........
So I threw open the refrigerator door and looked for some cream cheese.
I didn't find any. SAD:(

BUT, I immediately went to my mom in the living room and literally demanded "I want cream cheese." LOL
My mom, being the kind and caring mother, got the cream cheese the very next day.
She got the garlic one from Philadelphia. My favorite!

This is quite nice; it tastes similar to the original, but has more of a flavor. A garlicky flavor, I guess? It's better than the original, trust me. You know how garlic bread tastes better than regular bread, because it has more flavor and regular bread is just so plain? Well, it's kind of like that!

Philadelphia also has strawberry and pineapple flavored cream cheese. I've yet to try those, though I'd imagine that they taste a little queer. Cream cheese with sweet? I'm not so sure. I'll just stick with the garlic:)

Anyways, back to bagels.
Gosh, where can I start?
Bagels are awesome - especially when you have it fresh with a glass of milk with cream cheese bombarded on the top. These days, I have it for breakfast, lunch, AND sometimes for dinner. (Well, I had french toast for breakfast today because my mom had made it for me, but I have had it every other day, and I had it for lunch today!)

Some people, including my sister, don't like bagels, which I find very surprising. She says it's too hard and stiff.....
Well, I'm going to give you ten reasons why bagels are awesome and why everyone should love them.

10 reasons why bagels are so awesome
1. They come in so many types and flavors; you never get bored. Flavors include...
plain, onion, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, poppy, sesame, garlic, pumpernickel, salt, and many more! My personal favorites are onion, blueberry, and cinnamon raisin.
2. They have a whole in the middle, so you can put your eye next to them and see through them You also won't have to worry about losing them because you can keep them on your finger like a ring. LOL
3. They're small and lightweight, so you can have them anywhere.
4. They're not fried or smothered in sauce, so they're healthier than other types of bread or pastries.
5. Just one of them can fill you up quite nicely.
6. They taste SOOOO good with everything: cream cheese, peanut butter, regular butter, honey, strawberry jam.......
7. They're really shiny on the surface, which makes them look very appetizing. (and they are!)
8. They're kind of chewy, so you can have fun while you are eating them!
10. They just are awesome. Okay? No objections right? Yep, no objections. Good.

Beautiful...... Just beautiful.... That's all I can say....

I'm going to go grab a bagel now! Which one should I eat? Onion or blueberry or plain?
Hmmmm... I think I'll go with blueberry! :D

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Bagel with Cream Cheese. Digital image. Dongsuh Foods. Dogsuh Foods. Web. 13 May 2010. .

2010년 4월 25일 일요일

When is school over?

Yea, exactly.

But come to think of it, the year has sure gone pretty quickly.
Time does fly:D

But it scares me too.
Freshman year has gone by in what seems like 3 months.
Do this three more times, and I'll be off to college.......
Scary thought........

I feel like I haven't accomplished much my freshman year.
I hope I do more things next year.......
I've taken a stab at almost everything, but I know that I'll have to settle with something soon.
But with WHAT???
Ahhhhh..... I'll just think over it during the summer.